Left eye twitching superstition in America

Left eye twitching superstition in America from Hawaii. The Hawaiian people have three superstitions on the involuntary behavior of eye twitching. The first superstition is that left eye twitching is an indication that some stranger will arrive at your home. Another superstition in Hawaii is that if someone twitches the left eye constantly then it is just a bad sign of looming death in the family. However, when someone twitches the right eye then a child is about to be born.

Left eye twitching superstition in America
Left eye twitching superstition in America

Little twitch may be common every day thing and it usually goes away in few minutes or days. But they may become a sign for concern if it is more than common occurrence in one’s life. This involuntary and repetitive spasm of eyelid muscles is called myokymia or blepharospasm. This can occur in both eyes or eyelids and sometimes even just a portion of an eyelid.

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Eye Twitching for Females is Considered:

Good Luck if:

You are from China or India experiencing a twitch in your left eye.
Or you are a Vietnamese woman experiencing a left eye twitch.

Bad Luck if:

You are traveling or living in Nigeria.
Or you are a Vietnamese woman experiencing a right eye twitch.

Causes of Eye Twitching

For a body part to move, muscles around that part have to contract and relax. It is not any different for twitching. However, muscles around the eye in this case usually contract without any input from the twitching individual. This condition has three main causes: eyes being dry, conjuvitis and being sensitive to light. In addition to these three causes, a few other causes are as listed below.

Insufficient sleep
Being highly stressed or fatigued
Poor vision
A polluted environment
The cornea or eyelids suffering from inflammation
Consumption of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks in large quantities
Insufficient presence of magnesium or vitamins within the body
Suffering from an eye related allergy
Suffering from a neurological disorder such as basal ganglia

Apparently, the reason for their occurrence is not known but may happen due to several factors –

Prolonged sitting in in front of the computer, TV or even reading can lead to tired eyes

Chronic fatigue can result in involuntary twitching of eyes

Stress and tension can sometimes make the brain nerves dysfunctional and its power to coordinate body functions. In such conditions, the body cannot absorb vitamin B which is essential for eye function and therefore twitching may occur.

Deficiency in magnesium can also cause this irritation

Lac of sleep or too much of caffeine consumption

Myths or facts

Superstitiously, many people believe the eye twitching to be a sign of something happening around them or in their lives. Like, if your left eye twitches, it is considered a sign of good luck and something good is bound to happen. Meeting your loved ones, receiving a good news or a call you’ve been waiting for. Whereas, the right eye twitching is considered bad and people try to stop it immediately by washing their eyes or rubbing it.

Left eye twitching superstition in America_2
Left eye twitching superstition in America

Different parts of the world believe in this differently. Many cultures strongly believe in them. For instance, chines believe that twitching of lower lid mean someone in bad-mouthing you behind your back.

However, Indians have exactly opposite view on eye twitching. Right eye is good and left eye is bad.

In Africa, shedding of tears follow the twitching of the lower eye lid and an unexpected encounter is on your way if you upper lid twitches.

Hawaii is not behind in this as well. Here, left eye means a stranger coming into one’s family, while continuous twitching of the left eye may mean a complete family separation.

How much ever people believe in them, they want to get rid of it if the condition persists. This is how you can treat eye twitching:

Start with avoiding the conditions responsible for eye twitching – like stress, lack of sleep, continuous reading and so on.

Hot or cold compress can sooth eyes

Mild massaging can calm the eyes and stop the twitching

Washing eyes with cold water

Wear antiglare while working on computers and sunglasses when outdoors to avoid harsh sunlight

Include Magnesium in your diet through almonds, spinach, whole grains and sometimes dark chocolates.

When should you see the doctor?

If the condition continues for more than 3 weeks
Eyes get red or swollen and has a discharge
Eyelid completely closes with each twitch and it is difficult to open it
The doctor will initially five you antihistamine pills or eye drops or if required may treat you with Botox injections to relax the muscles contractions.

How to Relieve Eye Twitching

1. Get Enough Time to Sleep

The recommended time to sleep each day is between seven and eight hours. Any less than this negatively affects your body. One part of the body that suffers from limited sleep hours is the eyes, especially the right eye which can keep twitching as a result.

2. Keep Your Eyes Well-Lubricated

Dry eyes contribute to twitching of the eyes. Luckily, the problem of having dry eyes can be solved by getting prescribed antihistamine drugs and eye drops from your doctor. In addition to relieving eye twitching, it will also eliminate any eye irritation.

3. Soothe Your Eyes

When muscles of your eyes, especially the right eye, get stressed by actions such as being in front of a computer for long, the eyes may experience a spasm, which leads to twitching. Relaxing of the eyes' muscles can be done by cold compression or placing cucumber pieces over the eyelids.

4. Get Your Eyes Appropriate Nutrients

If your body does not have sufficient vitamins D, B12 and magnesium minerals, then you could suffer from twitching. Therefore, consuming foods rich in these minerals will relieve the eye twitching. You should eat green vegetables for magnesium, supplements for vitamin B12 and bask in the morning sun to replenish vitamin D.

5. Don't Strain Your Eyes

In order to reduce the chances of suffering from eye twitching, keep your eyes relaxed without straining it a lot. In order to achieve this relaxation, avoid unfriendly lighting, being in front of a computer screen for long hours, or watching the TV all day.

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