Somethings should buy in Ireland

Ireland Sweaters Photos
The photo of a beautiful girl with Ireland Sweaters

Somethings should buy in Ireland

A question: In two weeks from now I'll be walking around in Ireland. Have anyone got some tips of must buys in Ireland as creams, oils, hair products etc?


Here are the best advice to you if you traveling to Ireland: 

1. Some things you shoul buy like sweaters, jewelry

2. Sweaters, socks, jewelry, chocolate, whiskey - it's a never ending list - whatever catches your eye! As long as it's made in Ireland.

3. Buy a sword and conquer one of the many Irish castles.

4. I also pick up a stone/small rock on vacations. I have 3-4 from Ireland that are in my garden at home! Along with others. Nice memories of trip. Will start putting date/place on them - good idea!

5. Jewelry and sweaters are on my list for sure

6. I have a large laminated poster called "Galway Shopfronts" that I talked the local Irish Import Shop into selling to me. It was a display item in their small store here. And I was glad to see the topic of going to pubs alone come up. That will be my situation as well, unless my granddaughter is with me. She will be 19 then. Will she be allowed in the pub?

7. One of my favorite purchases in Ireland is a poster of doors of Ireland and Irish linen picture of Ireland castles. I have them both framed and have been hanging in prominent places in my homes for 20 years. I also took pics of the doors and had that framed. I love doors and was fascinated by all the beautiful, painted doors in beautiful colors. On last trip I was on tour and driver/guide explained the brightly painted doors were a way of silent protest when prince George died and Queen Victoria ordered all doors painted black in mourning. I love this story and not sure it is factual, but it makes sense, and I like to think it is true.

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I bought the poster 20 years ago and now easy to buy online. I like to buy stepping stones on my travels, on and out of U.S. And last time in Ireland had to settle for one made in China, in 2013 when I took my eldest daughter we went in many shops looking for made in Ireland, lots of made in China, just like here. When I went with sister city group (Castlebar being sister city) lots of lady bought Irish Lace and had it shipped home.

Ireland Sweaters Photos
In an Ireland Sweaters Shop. Photo:

8. I kept a mussel shell from my first bowl full (had them three times!) and a couple of small shells from Laytown Strand (north of Dublin on our way up the coast before turning inland at Drogheda). For purchased items, I love my cabled bainin shawl from the Avoca store on Grafton St. and my triple spiral jewelry from Newgrange.

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