What's a nice town to move to in Ireland?

Killarney Holiday Cottages Killarney
Killarney Holiday Cottages Killarney

Many people are saying that Ireland is one of the countries most to worth living in the world.

Not only have the best living conditions, Ireland is a country with so many beautiful and unspoiled sceneries.

However, the question is when you travel to Ireland, and then from Dublin city, where will you go to see the beauty of this country?

If you love small towns of Ireland, be implemented immediately discover your dreams. What's a nice town to move to in Ireland?

The life dream of many people that is to move to Ireland

Exactly-any place in Ireland is just fine but tips of the many people as you choose Dingle, Killarney or Bodyke, County Clare, Ballyvaughan and Milltown, County Kerry or around the area. Bodyke is the first place ou should go to.

Or probably it is Tully Cross, Ireland in Co. Galway! Beautiful community on the west coast.

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But many people also said that you should really decide what you want to be near if you choose and want to move to any town in Ireland. If you want to be convenient to Dublin, that will influence your decision. If you would be happier near Galway or Cork, you will want to narrow your search to areas nearby.

If you are not concerned about being near a major city, then you do have more choices and should then focus on whether you want to be near a body of water, in the mountains, etc.

How do you see your life when you get there? Going out a lot, staying home and tending your garden or animals? Will you need to work at all? Maybe you can do something for tourists. Sorry to be such a pain, but planning is one of the things I like to do...

Killarney Hotel photos
Killarney Hotel Photos

That being said, I liked Enniskerry and it is MAJOR convenient to Dublin. Wicklow is a beautiful county. Westport in County Mayo was great and convenient to Galway, as is Clifden. If you choose Westport, I would look for something outside of town convenient to the Greenway so you can bike into town. If you are a surfer dude at heart, check out Bunderan. I love Belfast so I would probably find a town that is convenient to Dublin and Belfast.

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