Very beautiful Photos of Yufuin village in Oita, Japan

Yufuin Village - Oita, Japan

Yufuincho, Oita, Japan.

This photo is a beautiful scene of a restaurant of Yufuin in Oita province, Japan in the spring.

Yufuin is the largest island located southwest of Japan, where warm tropical climate, it is a land of volcanoes and hot springs. Here you can soak your feets in mineral water and sauna in the "valley" full steam.

Here is picturesque scenery in Yufuin, Oita, Japan

Picturesque scenery in Yufuin, Oita, Japan

This is a lake of mineral water to a sauna in Ooita Yufuin - Photo ebisuya

Lake of mineral water to a sauna in Ooita Yufuin - Photo ebisuya

You should remember that, Yufuin is a traditional village of Oita Province. Here, there are many products of traditional crafts.

Not only that, the landscape around this village is truly wonderful and romantic - as you can see through the images. If you travel to Kyushu, should not miss visiting the Beppu Hot Springs

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