How safe is it to be walking around Dublin at night?

On the street of Dublin at night. Photo:

Are you traveling to Dublin, Ireland? In the evening, you may like hiking and walking out around Dublin? Is it safe to Dublin in the evening? If you are a female traveler or those who loves the beauty of Dublin, please read the tips below:

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How safe is it to be walking around Dublin at night? We're staying at Clontarf Castle our first night but thinking of going to Whelan's pub or maybe the International. They're both around 6.5km which we could easily walk, just curious if it'd be safe...


1. I am looking at Google maps and it is not far, as you said but the route looks a little tricky. Especially at night when you are not familiar with where you are going. Even though I would be with my husband, I would definitely cab it. Once you have walked it a couple of times, then you can probably walk.

Rainy NIght in Temple Bar, Dublin
Rainy Night in Temple Bar, Dublin. Photo:

2. We walked all over Temple Bar at night, just two women, but plenty of other people about. Walked from there to O'Donoghues near Stephen's Green... but did take a cab back from there. (None of this was after midnight... and it was later in the trip, so we weren't jet-lagged.)

3. You'll most probably be safe. I was in Dublin the end of December and never felt unsafe. Use your head of course. Go out believing you're okay until your gut instinct cautions you.

3. I would walk there and cab it back. It's a big city with pick pockets like any other one. Dublin has people from all over. Not saying it is dangerous, but there are gypsies there like a lot of countries in Europe. We don't call them gypsies here. Why take a chance? Take a cab, get a few extra minutes of sleep and enjoy the next day.

4. I would be careful at night. Although it is much safer than the US, you would be better walking somewhere to eat and get a cab back. [Read more about B&B's in Ireland]

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