How are B&B's in Dublin, Ireland?

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Bed and Breakfast in Ireland - How are B&B in Ireland? Should I choose? Below are the advices:


I have a few really dumb, random questions about an upcoming trip to Ireland my daughter and I are planning. First: I've often heard of Hostels, but I'm not sure exactly what they are.

I know they offer dorm-style accommodations but are there linens supplied - sheets, pillows, towels, etc.? I have no interest in luxury accommodations and am afraid that B&B's might be kind of stifling unless they have separate entrances to the guest rooms, and I know some hostels offer twin, ensuite rooms, so I'm curious.

Second question about Ireland travel or tour companies - I know they get a cut if they book your room & vehicle for you, so wouldn't that add to the price? Or is that offset by the deals they can offer?

Third, and completely unrelated - how on earth is the name of the County Laois pronounced?


1. Hostels are what you described, most provide linen, if not all. Their websites will tell you. From what I've been told, you just need your own towels and toiletries. You pay per person though so a twin room at a hostel for 2 people could end up costing almost as much as a hotel room. In my opinion, hostels are a great way to meet others so sharing a room with people can end up being the start to some long lasting friendships.

I can't stand tours. I went on one to Italy during school and my friend and I hung out at the back doing our own thing. I felt too "under control" during the tour, I like being able to go wherever I want and learn about things as I please.

2. I  have been to ireland twice and only in B&B, love them, the owner are so nice and helpful. If you don't want to interact with others, it's easy too, I did not see most of the guess except at breakfast. having your own room after a day of traveling, visiting, hiking, is always welcome. Before, Ireland, I never been to a B&B but now, I am not scare of them.

3. My Daughter and I stayed at Rowan Tree Hostel in Ennis, about 20 miles outside Shannon Airport. It is highly rated. #1 hostel at the time in 2011. We got a private room with bath and balcony. Breakfast in their kichen in the morning ( cereal, toast, coffee ). Stayed 2 nites and traveled to Galway one day from there.

B&Bs in Doolin Photos
B&B's in Doolin Photos

4. Hubs and I had never stayed in B&B till our first trip to the U.K.. wouldn't go any other way now! Less expensive than hotels, always a huge, hearty breakfast (that kept us full till dinner!) and great advice on what to see and do. Most of the B&Bs gave us a key so we could come and go without worry of waking someone. Added bonus: you meet the locals! Swapping stories with each other is a priceless memory!

5. Hostels are great, especially to meet cool people! BUT, it takes some practice and skill to find good ones. I use the Hostelworld app, and I read all the reviews. Reading the reviews is super important. Some hostels are more laidback than others. Doolin Hostel in Doolin for example is very good and very family friendly. However, most hostels in Dublin are really loud and full of drunk 18 year olds.

Things to look for: Free wifi, many electrical plugs, free breakfast, free sheets, clean bathrooms. Oh, and bring earplugs!!!

6. I  would go half and half. Doolin hostel is great and some others out of the big towns. but B & B are wonderful as well meet great people and they tell you the best places to eat and listen to music.

7. I always stay in B&B's they are truly lovely!!! They allow you to experience the Irish hospitality and charm!!! You can use them as a base to tour different locations!!! Doolin, Kinvara, Quin are lovely villages!!! [Read more all of posts of Travel Tips to Ireland]

Laois is pronounced "leash"

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