How to prevent cerebral vascular accident?

After learning about cerebral vascular accident, but perhaps now, you should learning how to preventing the risk of cerebral vascular accident, how should your diet be?

As you know, cerebral vascular accident – and severe is brain hemorrhage (also called brain hemorrhage) are at risk, along with myocardial infarction.

How to prevent cerebral vascular accident?
How to prevent cerebral vascular accident? Photos were collected for illustrative

 In three previous articles, we have presented to you with 2 contents:

- Causes of stroke – cerebral vascular accident

Here is the "handbook" – basic information to help you preventing the risk of cerebrovascular accident.

It would apply to both methods. The first is the prevention efforts of each person (patient). Second, if something happen with your relatives, what do you will do to first aid them?

Rescue your relatives with cerebrovascular accident

Now, cerebral vascular accident usually happened fairly common – especially for the elderly. Therefore, when your loved one has trouble, you need to know what to do and what not to do?

- According to the doctors, not allowed to use the wind oils.

- The first thing to do is aid promptly for them.

- Let the patient lie straight, balanced,
let's her or his head higher a bit.

- Do not use the method as used needle into 10 finger tips to bleed (because many people follow this method to reduce blood pressure and body but it is wrong).

- Unlike a heart attack, when we can give patients taking aspirin, with the stroke we were not able to take aspirin at home if that is the case for patients with cerebral hemorrhage (brain bleeding) because it is dangerous.

- At the same time as trying to bring sick people to the hospital to the immediate emergency. Need taken to the nearest hospital and the time is in every minute.

Proactive prevention of cerebral vascular accident

If suffering from cerebral vascular accident – whether in the light appear to clot, blood vessel blockage – it also requires a long process of treatment and training efforts after treatment to recover.

How to prevent cerebral vascular accident?
Photo of a blood clot. Photos were collected for illustrative

However, if in severe case or not be timely emergency, the patient is likely to die.

To reduce the risk, according to the doctors, the best way is still actively prevent. So how to do?

- According to the doctors and experts on cerebral vascular accident, to prevent stroke, the most useful way is to start a healthy lifestyle, which is to reduce salt intake (do not eat much salt because not only affects blood pressure, blood so also greatly affect kidney function).  Currently, many people are already aware of the harmful effects of the abuse of salt in the diet.

- Similarly, you need to eat fatty foods so less, need to quit smoking soon  and increase physical activity.

- Limit fast food because it is also the cause of hypertension.

To learn more, you should read the article: Diet to prevent cerebral vascular accident. Hope you will check your diet is safe, are you at risk for cerebral vascular accident? Read more all infomation about cerebral vascular accident or health for older adults. Source: wikichoices

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