The beauty of Alina Poltava - Ukrainian and Russian Women & Girl

The beauty of Alina Poltava Photo
Alina Poltava Photo

The girl in this photo is Alina Poltava or called Alina from Poltava. She from Ukraine and now lives in Russia as a hot and too famous female model. She has the long legs and a really nice perfect body.

Alina Poltava Infomation and profile:

Birth Date: 5 September
Height: 170 cm 5' 7''
Weight: 46 kg 102 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Build: Slim (slender)
Glasses: No
She is right-handed
Religion: Christian
Education: Student
Field of work: Finance
Occupation: Financier
Smoke: No
Drink: Socially

Marital status: Single and no children
Want to have children? Yes, 1
Her languages: Ukrainian Native and Russian Fluent

This is Alina Poltava's hobbies and future arrangements as well as her family

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to spend time outdoors, I love nature and think it is the biggest treasure in the world. I like travelling, like watching films. I look after my figure as I want to look good for my man in the future. I like walking, like to get together with friends, to go to the beach in summer, also I like photography.

About my family:

I was born in Alexandria. My family is not so big but I love them very much, family is the most important for me, these people are always ready to support, always ready to help when I need, this is what I dream to find- understanding. My mom is the closest person for me. I love her and she is my best friend.

The type of man that I desire:

I dream to meet a good person with good inner features, dream to find a friend and lover in one person, whom I will trust and feel open talking about everything I want to.

My typical day:

My day usually begins very early, at 6.30, I need to go to the university every day and at the moment I am working as a model, I like my job as since I was a little kid I liked to dress up and asked my parents to make some nice photos of me.

My future goals are:

My future goal is to be happy, I want to create loving and strong family, want to find a person who will make me the happiest in the world and I sincerely believe that it is possible... the one who tries- will always find. Want to get education and to have an interesting job.

More about Alina's thinking

Why are you here?

I see my man as a self dependant. I do not look for a prince, I am tired of them. I just want to meet real person and be with him in real life. As any woman, I would like to have beside a strong man, who could support me in difficult time of my life and share with me the good moments of our life together

Your character

I am passionate and romantic! I can be a true friend and a perfect wife! I try to live with only good emotions and I adore sharing them with others! I like to be positive and happy in life. I like to be honest and express my feelings openly.


I am crazy because of travelling and think that it is the best way to get interesting information about other nations, culture and compare it. Also I like cooking and try to show my inner creative world with the help of different dishes and sometimes people wonder because of my imagination. I think while we live on this Planet- we must find something new in ourselves and share it with other people.