How to make the men to respect you

How to make the men to respect you
Some tips for men and women

How to make the men to respect you -  A wise woman certainly knows her limits! And what for the men need doing?

Note for ladies

You should understand that: dressing immodestly, is like rolling around in manure. Yes by so doing, you'll get all the attention on earth, but it will mostly be from guys who got the brains of pigs.

If you want men to respect you, then you need to give them something to respect. Know your worth. Do this by, getting yourself empowered. You must not see the four walls of a university before you can make something tangible out of your life.

If you are not fortunate to get a degree, go and learn a trade and use the proceeds to cater for yourself. You belittle yourself by allowing scumbags belittle you. Don't snivel and don't make yourself available to the "highest bider". If the only thing you can bring to the table in your relationship is "s!x", then you are the architect of your woes ... get something doing.

And when you do become empowered, never you see it as a reason to treat your man like trash. Don't see it as an avenue to ridicule him before all and sundry. Don't see it as an avenue to subject him to verbal and mental abuse. Know your position and limit as a noble woman. There is no competition between you and your man, so know your limits.

And these things for the men

I find it very disturbing, irritating, demeaning, and appalling... that some men will proudly exude stupidity at its apex, by belittling a "woman"... labelling her, all sorts of degrading names simply because, she happens to fall short of their perfect picture of what a lady should be. They do this, forgetting that they were born of a woman.

I perfectly understand that some ladies are nothing to write home about. But then, nothing on earth justifies a guy, labelling a woman as a "Hoe". Royalty or not, dignity and respect are every lady's birthright.

My men! So please get a grip on yourself. If you are suffering from diahorrea of the mouth, coupled with menstruating suppurating brain, simply because you had something with a lady which turned sour, it will do you alot of good to shut up and respect yourself.

By labelling a lady (or ladies) anything ugly, I tell you something you may don't know. And that is the fact that, you display to the world at large that, you were brought up by a failure of a woman who literally didn't deem it fit, to teach you the ethics of conduct, that is the biggest shame on earth!

If you insist on seeing ladies as nothing but a bunch of worthless humans, then you might aswell take your joblessness into your lineage and start from the females in your family.

No sane man, will ever stoop so low as to belittle women. None! And if you feel you are a real man simply because you are tall and handsome... then you are living in your own fools paradise. Your physique can't pay your children's tuition fees. Real men don't go to the gym to look for 6 packs, they go to the show room and buy 6 exotic cars at once, for their woman.