10 greatest love stories of all time

10 greatest love stories of all time
Love and the Books

Love is the forever story of humanity . Anyone who grew up also were yearning for a  beautiful and intensely love.

There is no end of the short story, novel and fascinating books about love. However, here are 10 best stories of love that can not be ignored when you are looking for such books.

Here are 10 greatest love stories of all time you should not miss

1. Wuthering Heights: A total eclipse of the heart.

2. Anna Karenina: Love can be a train wreck.

3. Romeo and Juliet: Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

4. Casablanca: Play it again, Sam.

5. Midsummer Night's Dream: Dream a little dream.

6. Doctor Zhivago: Boy meets girl meets girl.

7. Sense and Sensibility: Sisters and soul mates.

8. Dangerous Liaisons: Les Liaisons dangereuses is a novel composed of letters.

9. Pride and Prejudice: A literary game of cat and mouse, widely known as Jane Austen’s most famous novel.

10. Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame: Oh Quasimodo!