You will meet another man who is better

You will meet a better man
You will meet a better man

There was this woman who was deeply in love with a man. Her name was Zaina. But the man had a cold heart. He cheated on her a thousand times, broke her heart to pieces, made her a crying machine and treated her like a piece of junk.

In all truthfulness, Zaina still loved this man to bits. She did good, remained faithful and held
him down for whatever. But the man just did not show the love back. He remained heartless and cold.
And they broke up. She was crushed. Broken and hurt.

Years later, she met another man. He was working in the military and soon after, he was made head of the military. And also married her!

Now, it also happened that the man who broke her heart also joined the millitary.

And it so happened that soon after, he was made the aided' camp, that is the personal assistant and bodyguard, of the Chief of the Millitary.

And it happened that EVERYTIME Zaina and her husband, the Military Chief, were going on a trip or a lighting/ boarding a car/plane, its her EX boyfriend who would open doors for her, close
the door after her, salute when she was passing and run around to serve her in her duties.

GOD NEVER SLEEPS! The same man/woman who hurt you, rejected you, insulted you and crushed
your life, that is the same person GOD will send  to serve you, salute you and open doors for you!

Before God's eyes, you are a creature of substance and he will wipe your tears, hold your hand, crown your head, punish your enemies, re-write your story and transform your dreams.

NEVER regret why they treated you the way they did. Because God was busy writing the script of
your life! That is why it happened! Rejoice and wait for the ending!

He has you in the palm of his hands. And he will make you an object of honour. Just trust him. Note source: How to love someone