You should not die, look up

You should not die
You should not die

What are you thinking of? Why are you so hard headed?

They don't want you, and you can't change that. Begging won't change that, and prayer won't change that.

You won't see the right one until you stop crying over the wrong one.

Stop begging, get some self-respect, their "no" is not the end of your life, it may be the beginning of your joy

Wipe the tears, dust off the dirt, hold your head up and start living. Don't crawl up and die because they no longer want you. There are bigger and better fish in the sea.

Don't waste precious time crying over the one that left, while the right one is on the sidelines watching. Not put your heart in prison for a non factor, release the dead weight, free yourself. Love is peace, it's laughter and joy. Source: