Which jobs do you want to become?

Photo of beautiful nurses
Photo of beautiful nurses

What is your favorite profession? What profession would you choose? What profession have you  ever dreamed of becoming? Those are my questions for you, tell me your dream:

1. Teacher
2. Engineer
3. Doctor
4. Business
5. Cultivate
6. Lecturer
7. Nurse
8. Civil Service
9. Army
10. Police
11. Navy
12. Pilot
13. Sportsman
14. Journalist
15. Advocate
16. Writer
17. Leader
18. Actor
19. Actress
20. Director
21. Photographer
22. Musician
23. Singer
24. Driver
25. Painter
26. Hacker
27. Comedian
28. Other (mention)

When step into your life, anyone also have a certain dream of a career that you want to become when you grow up. Which profession in the list of 27 careers abow is your favorite and you have most dreams?

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