What of questions do you often ask your girlfriend?

What of questions do you often ask your girlfriend
Relax each of the day

Each of the day, would you ask your girlfriend some questions like this? What of questions do you often asking your girlfriend?

1. Have you eaten?

2. Have you taking your bath?

3. Did you sleep well?

4. How was your night? Did you go out today?

5. Where are you now?

6. Hope you are fine?

7. No no no...

8. Should I get you some food stuffs?

9. What type of soap and cream should I get for you?

10. Do you need some money to change your wadrope?

11. Should I send you some money for checkup?

12. Oh! Baby before I forget, I just recieved my salary now, hope you don't mind if I take you out and spoil you a little?

13. Alright dear, I just called to know how you are doing and to know if you need recharge card to call your parents.

I believe that is the saying that every day you told your girlfriend. According to you, which is the best care?

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