What is true meaning of love?

What is true meaning of love
What is true meaning of love?
Hi everyone. Have a nice day to you. Get it and read my new article. Do you know what true meaning of love is?

1. If you love her because of her eyes, lips or body, it is not "love", it is only "lust"

2. If it is because of her intelligence or insight about life, it is not "love", it is "ADMIRATION"

3. If its because she cries every time you try to leave her, it is not "love", it is "PITY"

4. If its because she makes you forget to study and sleep, it is not "love" and it is "INFATUATION"

Yes, only here is LOVE:

1. When you do not know why you seem to be attracted to a person.

2. Love is when the heart sees what's invisible to the eyes

3. Love is when you really can't explain how you feel about her to her, but you can explain it to yourself

4. Love has its reason and that reason is UNKNOWN

Love is simple, do you think so? Learn how to love and feeling it today. Be sure like my posts if you love me, thanks!