What is a true man?

What is a true man
What is a true man

What is a true man? What do you think of a true man? There are many perspectives, different conceptions of a true man. You can find a viewing angle of your own. However, here is an article that you can refer to...

1. A real man is a person who doesn't kiss and tell.

2. A real man will notices your hair and nails.

3. A real man always calls you beautiful, not hot - sexy or fine as f - u - c - k.

4. A real man calls you on daily basis no matter how busy or tired he is.

5. A real man looks past what he has heard about you or his friends think about you.

6. A real man always wants to spend as much time with you and never get sick of you.

7. A real man has ever kissed you on your forehead.

8. A real man doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you what is real.

9. A real man knows how to put your ass to sleep.

10. A real man doesn't ask questions when you need something from him.

11. A real man is going to lets you to know that he has you.

12. A real man doesn't play games.

13. A real man doesn't leave his girl to go hangout with another guys.

14. A real man doesn't think about s - e - x with other girls when he is in bed with you.

15. A real man opens the car door for his lady, brings roses, and rubs her feet when she is tired.

What's more? A true man and real man. Whether do you agree with this point of view? Tell me which you do not completely agree...

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