What do I do if being hurt by someone?

What do I do if being hurt by someone
What do I do if being hurt by someone?

Being hurt by someone whom you love is the worst thing that can happen to a person. If you love someone and your beloved hurts you, then you will be left broken, dejected and depressed.

It really hurts you to the core, when your beloved hurts you in some or the other way. The worst way in which your beloved can possibly hurt is when your beloved calls it quits and ends the relationship. A broken relationship is very hard to erase from one’s mind and very difficult to deal with.

One finds it hard to come over the memories of a broken relationship which was one going great guns. Being hurt by someone you love is something that you cannot easily deal with. It is difficult to get over the wounds of the heart.

The only option you have is to nurse your wounds and let them heal with time. Time is perhaps the best healer.

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