Should you break up when you are no longer love someone?

Should you break up when you are no longer love someone?
Should you break up when you are no longer love someone?

When your love appears the doubts, the disruption, contradictions, cracks, fed up together. So, you should break up?

Wait, be patient and find ways to make it better.

Breaking up is not the only solution to problems in the relationship. Some people think that breaking up or giving up on each other is the only best solution for misunderstandings or disagreements in a relationship.

I don't think so because they are totally wrong. Talking out things in a mature way sometimes is much better than ending a long time relationship. When misunderstandings arise in your relationship, always first work on resolving them with your partner (that is if they still need to be with you) before you end it with them.

Examine their causes very well. If they are of your own making (maybe you messed up things somewhere, maybe you over react, maybe you have got a bad temper, maybe your false assumptions, your bad attitude or anything else.

Work upon it and yourself. If it's of your partner's making, maybe they are cheating on you, not caring about you, not giving the same love they used to give you in first days, disrespecting you or anything, say it out to them in calm & gentle way.

I'm sure if they really love you, they will apologize and make things right. If they are friends or family members spreading rumors that are making your relationship lose it's meaning, find a way of dealing with them. I know sometimes some rumors are right but take your time and dig deep into their truth before you react or make a concrete decision.

Always fight for your relationship that is if it's worth it. Don't just let it end over minor issues that can be resolved. Remember mistakes are for humans. And mind you dropping and picking new people every time is not a good thing. It's waste of time, energy and money!

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