Should I lie to him I am no longer a virgin?

Virgin Girl Photo
Virgin Girl Photo

Is the virginity important? Have you lost your virginity. You are no longer a virgin. And you're trying to lie, evade your lover. You do not want to mention the fact.

Another question: Should you continue to lie to him?

If should you tell the truth that you are not a virgin. Should you lie to him that you are a virgin? Of course, that is not important now. But he deserves to know the truth.

This article is for young ladies.

Why do you create problems for yourself when you could easily build a relationship without having this headache? What is the essence of lying to him that you are a virgin, and wants to remain a virgin till your wedding night, only to start running helter skelter for ways to tell him you lied about your virginity?

Yes, you should tell the truth: "I'm not a virgin and I wish to remain celibate till marriage".

Simple and short. If he wants to respect your wish and stay in the relationship, no mountain will push him to do otherwise, he'll stay and if he doesn't want to stay, he'll walk!

The fact that you're no longer a virgin, does not mean you have no say over your body, because you do have a say, it is your body and you alone reserves the exclusive right over it!

That fact you're no longer a virgin, doesn't automatically make you a whore. And the fact that you're a virgin doesn't make you the most decent lady alive.

Some of you ladies keeps doing this to yourselves. Your man deserves to know the truth. Stop hurting him with such dumb lies, it will always boomerang. When you lie to him about your virginity, and he eventually finds out, if he decides to dump you, his actions are very much justified. And don't you
dare cry Elephants and Lions to the world, telling whoever cares to listen, that he never loved you, he only wanted your virginity.

Stop playing the victim! Yes it is freaking annoying. Stop that lame lie, he will definitely find out the truth, no two ways about it, stop it because by you telling him such a crappy lie, he'll automatically feel you perceive him as daft and gullible.

You bruise his Ego with such a lie. Stop disrespecting and insulting his intelligence, by claiming to be a virgin while you're not. He deserves to know the truth.

Save yourself the stress of having sleepless nights over how to tell him you're not a virgin, after you lied about it initially. Respect yourself, cut out the lame lie, it is getting boring.

Stop it! Stop hurting him with such dumb lies. It will always just boomerang.

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