The question is the most difficult to answer in this world

The most beautiful photo of  the girl in natural
The most beautiful photo of  the girl in natural

If you ask me: what question is the most difficult to answer in this world? I will answer that is this question. I am a woman and I also could not have any answers.

According to you, what choice should I and also such as the girl in this story decided to choose?

The story is as following:

There was a girl who was admired by four men: a hunter, an artist, a doctor and a fisherman. One day she went to wash her clothes in the river and it happened that all the four men were there.

Then suddenly a crocodile bit her and dragged her into the water. The artist composed a beautiful song and the crocodile raised its head above the water to listen. The hunter shot the crocodile and it died, the girl floated above the water. The fisherman went and brought her to the shore, then the doctor treated her injuries and she was well again. Now who deserves to marry the girl and why?

If you are her, you will choose...

1.  A hunter
2. An artist
3. A doctor
4. A fisherman

I hope you will find the answers to help me. Do not be indifferent to me. Have some other funny stories and polls for you.

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