New car and true love and wife

New car and true love and wife
New car and true love and wife 1

This is just a funny story about a car that I collected. What we read is from the man in this story, it really makes us think, carefully.

Well, I like the saying: Men always like to have the new cars. But women are not the same.

Whenever I tell my wife I want to buy a new car, you know her reaction... never been supportive or happy reaction. Because men love nice cars, women don't.

But, it's completely different this time when I ordered Model X.

New car and true love and wife
New car and true love and wife 2

This is what I told her last night.

Happy Anniversary My Dear!

I got you a very special gift this year! Guess what's that? It's same as you - Beautiful, Charming, Unique, Intelligent, Comfortable, Performance, & Contributive to our family our society and the whole world! No others can catch my eyeball after I have you!

It won't be in your hand until next year, but it's worth waiting; just like you, worth me waiting for years!

After seeing it, and understand it, I am now 0 feelings to Merxxxx, Bxx, Porxx, Ferxxxx, Lamxxxxx. No matter how good they look and what they have, I just feel no interest at all, my heart just can't beat faster when looking at them. Now I finally understand what is true love, you are my dream!

Yes! You, and Model X!

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