The money can’t buy natural happiness and true love

The money can’t buy natural happiness and true love
The money can’t buy natural happiness and true love

Some people don’t know what they want, don’t value what they have and they are not contented with what they already have.

You find someone who is already in a happy relationship with a person who loves them, cares about them, does things that make them happy, treasures them so much, doesn't want to hurt them and lose them in anyway, is always patient & their for them in any situation, appreciates every little thing they do for them but still they have the audacity to flirt & sleep around with other people!

Then you wonder why they act like that.

Seriously, why dividing the love you have for someone that sacrifices a lot for you? Why betraying someone that loves you so much? Why toying around with their heart? Why wasting someone’s time yet you know it at heart that you don’t love them? Why using someone & loving them for fun?

Why making someone raise their hope in you & plan their future with you yet you are not to stay with them forever? Why doing things that you well know that will hurt someone’s feelings and even break their heart? Why blinding someone with your sugar coated love? Why doing stupid things that won’t strengthen your relationship?

What will you gain at the end of it all? Is it the good s-e-x, money, luxurious earthly things, what? If it’s s-e-x then you just myopic because s-e-x is just temporary satisfaction. It can’t make someone have true love for you. Instead they’ll lust for you & use you as a s-e-x object for their own satisfaction.

Trust me if they were not meant to be yours the good s-e-x won’t make them love you & stay with you. If it’s money you are up to, then you have a low thinking capacity because money is not everything. It can’t buy natural happiness & true love.

Yeah, it can sustain your needs for a mean time but it can’t be enough & it can’t complete all your life desires. And if they’re these luxurious material things, trust me they’re nothing compared to love. Therefore, if you are in a relationship with someone that you adores so much, please love them back.

Don’t do things that will make them lose the trust in you and even break their heart. Do things that will make them happy & even strengthen your relationship. Be faithful, trustworthy & committed to the relationship. Respect them & appreciate what they do for you. Don’t let small things that can be solved tear you apart. Value the person you have & be proud of them. I have the best man ever.

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