Advices to single men: If you are looking to get married

Advices to single men
Advices to single men

(How to relax with girls). - If you are a single man and you're looking to get married? So what is the style and standard of your girlfriend? Should read the following things before get married:

1. She can leave an exam hall to prepare lunch for you.

2. She can slice a basket of onions without shedding tears.

3. She always go for swallow at any outing without meat in the soup.

4. She will apologise to you after you cheat on her.

5. She can prepare lunch for you with 1000 cents

6. She will fry liver without eating one from it.

7. She will not complain if you impregnate her best friend.

8. When she collect her salary, she will give you so that you can give her from it.

9. She'll serve you chicken laps while she eats chicken head.

10. She can stay up to fight mosquitoes while you sleep.

Above is my advice for every single men and here is advice for every single women: don't marry because you need someone.