26 things men must know

26 things men must know
26 things men must know

These are 26 things men must know - For you and for my boyfriends. You should read and share it:

1. A little ‘thank you’ could streng then her.

2. Even when she knows she's beautiful, she would like hearing it from you sometimes.

3. A little kitchen help kills no ego.

4. Every lady wants a man that can protect her, she needs to be safe around you!

5. To some ladies, collecting money from you is just your little commitment to the relationship and not a ‘do or die’ thing.

6. Any lady that reminds you of her EX was never into you.

7. You never can win a lady's heart by spending, if you do, there's a better spender too.

8. Just as you've got a weakness, she does too. Hence you manage hers, she manage yours.

9. You can push a lady to a breaking point but when she does, she's never the same person you knew.

10. When she starts keeping secrets, there's something you've done wrong.

11. She's never to pay the Bills, and if anytime she does, she's not to continue paying.

12. Sometimes, listening to her opinion confirms her position in the relationship.

13. On a first date, pulling doors and chairs is part of a gentleman's deal, just do it!

14. If you Love kids you're sure winning her over.

15. Intimacy is not about your personal satisfaction, she must be satisfied too.

16. If she doesn't respect you, she won't respect your family.

17. The spot you met a lady could tell a lot about the relationship and its future.

18. If she brings her friends home often it's no jackpot, it's a fidelity test!

19. You should know what turns your woman on; women aren't the same.

20. Don't replace seeing her with regular calling and text messages; your presence keep her safe.

21. Sometimes you don't try to win an argument let her have way, she could discover her folly.

22. Every lady has a beast in her, it's either you cage it or unleash it.

23. If she doesn't Love you and her family does, it's no compensation, let her BE!

24. Your potential is not a guarantee that she would stay, work hard and convert it to

25. What you did to get her, you must continue doing it to keep her else you lose her.

26. To always impress a lady without spoken words, dress well!

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