Why are some girl like this?

Why are some girl like this
Why are some girl like this?

You will agree with me after reading these facts:

(1) Most black girls you knew five years back are now white...

(2) 98% of our girls today believe that attachment hair is better then their natural hairs.

(3) Girls also think fixing of Nails, eye lashes and other foreign bodies makes them more sexy but that's a big lie. It doesn't work always. It even makes some of them much ugly!

(4) Girls always want to end up with tall handsome guy without knowing how beautiful his heart is or how focus the guy is.

(5) They always want to speak like English girls each time guys approach to them but later end up in throwing blunders.

(6) Because of this inferiority complex, they've not been able to see the natural beauty in them.

(7) Be yourself, be original, it pays because black is beautiful.