What do you often say to your lover?

What do you often say to your lover
What do you often say to your lover

In love, you would say the sweetest words for your lover, or words to flirting with a girl just met, who you want to conquer her. So what would you say to your lover?

Here are the things that love will make you to say:

I love your eyes

I love your smile

I love your body

I cherish your ways

I adore your style

You are my type

Oh yes, 24/7 you are on my mind

You are my heart desire

The one I want

My queen

My heart

My love

My sweetheart

My soul

Calling somebody mummy...

I will die for you when know that you can't even do it

I will do anything for you

I will respect you

I will buy heaven and earth for you

I will take you around the world when you don't even have money to enter bus. Are you going there with bicycle or legs?

Even somebody will tell you I love your a-n-u-s.