Touching story about a mother

Touching story about a mother
Touching story about a mother

A very rich man who hated his mom because she had one eye, His children were laughing at her, he was laughing too, she visited them one day, the man kicked her out, go back to your place, don't ever come here again with your one eye (he said). His mom went back with broken heart crying.

One day the man decided to visit her, his mom's shack was locked, there was no one inside!

He asked her neighbor: Where is my mom? They gave him a letter written as follows:

My son, I know that you hated me so much, but I love you so much that’s why I GAVE YOU MY EYE, I couldn't watch you rrow with one eye, I love you son"

The man asked the neighbours again: (with tears) Where is she?

Neighbours: She passed away last year December. I would advise you to love your mom while is still alive.

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