My wife is the type that doesn't like s-e-x

My wife is the type that doesn't like s-e-x

This is a story about married life. I have collected and felt it is interesting so I want to share here:

I am 33 years old and married with a baby girl. My wife is the type that doesn't like s-e-x all. And anytime I wanna make-luv with her, she will shout I should leave her alone and I will still be scoping her maybe she will agree, but will tell me if don't leave her, she will shout.

I will now leave her for sitten-room thinking she will come and appologies.

For where that is where I will be till next day and this as being pissing me off. But there is this friend of hers that use to come to our house that I do give money every day for her up keep.

She notice my wife has being denying me so she started coming close to me when my wife isn't around. So one day I couldn't hold body we had s.e.x, and since then we have being doing it and don't even go and meet my wife again.

What baffles me is that is being long I had sex with my wife and she did not ask me why. So my people I know is not good but since my wife doesn't want s.e.x, do I continue with the friend. Sorry for the long write up and wrong spellings.