Maybe you have not ever known

Maybe you have not ever known
Maybe you have not ever known

1. Every person you will ever meet in life knows something you don't know, so always be willing to learn from others especially strangers & new friends!

2. No matter how slow your progress is, you are still very better than someone who is not trying, So keep on & don't be discouraged!

3. The people you see as failures are those who did not realize how close they were to success till they gave up, so Don't give up now!

4. A good idea implemented today is better than a perfect idea implemented tomorrow, so don't procrastinate!

5. People who are constantly discussing your life are in most cases not happy with their own, so ignore them!

6. All achievements had their beginnings in an idea, so Keep thinking!

7. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regrets. Always control you "anger" bcos you are just an alphabet away to "danger!"

8. A good friend is someone who sees tears in your eyes when everybody else believes the smile on your face, always choose real friends & ignore fake friends!

9. There is no congestion or traffic on the road to success, so keep moving & moving.

10. One day whatever you wished for will come true, it may not be the way you wanted it to be but it will come in the package God knows is best for you.