I think it is not love - never love

This is only a post that I collected on the internet. I like it and share it here for you to read: 

I think it is not love - never love
Think carefully about your love

A lady sent a post to my inbox: Hi. Please post this for me and hide my name and identity.

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now. I love him so much. My boyfriend has hot temper. He beats me whenever we are quarreling. He is very rough in "s-e-x". He forces me and rapes me any time he needs s-e-x. He is very stingy. I am afraid to talk to him anyhow because he will slap me and beat me if I mistakenly say any small word that annoys him I wash his clothes, cook for him, help him to do all house chores, yet he will never thank me.

Rather he would say that it is my duties. Sometimes he beats me and injures me with big sticks, yet I will still apologise to him just to allow peace reign. He wont give me money to treat myself. I love him very much. Despite all his behaviours, I dont want to quit the relationship. 

Please how can I change him? No insult please. It's not my fault. It's love. He is very handsome and every woman's dream.


After reading the above said of the girl, I had a thought that, wish I never met a man like that. It will never be love. Think carefully about your love. Read more is it true love?