How to maintain a friendship with a girl?

How to maintain a friendship with a girl
How to maintain a friendship with a girl

How to maintain your friendship with a girl?

A Good Relationship makes you happier everyday, but it needs constant maintenance for it to last long... Here are 11 ways to maintain your relationship:

1. Make sure she knows that you are fully into her — and not just for her looks. Encourage her to achieve her own goals and support her whenever she needs it most.

2. Call her at least once a day, your reason could be: just to talk, just to say hi, or just to know each other better. No one ever wants to be forgotten throughout the day. If for some reason, you can't call her, at least send a text message telling her that you care.

3. Compliment her honestly as often as possible. If it's not sincere, it's not worth anything. Women appreciate it if you comment positively on their appearance from time to time.

4. Get happy as soon as possible whenever you’re angry. Your sad mood will affect everyone around you-including your woman. I know that sometimes, a bad mood is unavoidable, but do your best to stay positive.

5. Taking part in shared responsibilities is also healthy... It reminds her that you’re committed — and it makes works around the house done faster which will make her even happier.

6. Mix up. I know you love your quiet time with her, but including friends and family in your activities will help you out as a couple. It shows your girlfriend that you are interested in the people she cares about and it gives her the opportunity to get to know your people as well.

7. Talk about whatever is on your mind, even if it’s just that you’re annoyed because of something she did. Putting it away will only force you to bottle up your emotions, and that could lead to aggressive actions later on.

8. Give her some space. Sometimes girls want to be left alone or do things with their friends privately. Stop showing excessive concern and following her to wherever she goes. Giving space will not damage your relationship.

9. Be good to your girlfriend - Do not hit or shout at your girlfriend especially when you are with someone else or in public. Commend her in public, and scold her in private.

10. Smell Good & Look good - Make use of deodorant and look good, when you hang around. Women hate men with a bad hygiene. Do not always wear the same thing. Make sure you look neat, clean and smart when you meet her.

11. Behave well towards her friends - Even if her friends are boys or girls, you must be nice to all of them. Do not be interested in them more than friendship-especially if they are women.

If you follow of all these steps, you will have a solid relationship. If it all sounds like too much to take on at once, don't panic. Just start with one strategy and build your way up.. Luv you all..

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