How to keeping your love affair?

How to keeping your love affair
How to keeping your love affair
Some men focus more on how to get a woman, they can do whatever it takes to get her but once they have her and after getting what they wanted, they lose focus on how to keep her.

They start showing their different colours, the love and the care fades away, they start disrespecting her-them, abusing them, beating them which leads to break ups or divorce.

Men stop devaluing women, don't make her fall in love with you if you are not going to keep her forever, don't con her with the fake juice morsel promises because you want to sleep with her, all those things you do are the ones that make women hate love and even to say that all "men are thesame" yet they’re different and some have true love.

Be there for her, be a good listener, comfort her and don't treat her just like the way her heartless Ex did. Please respect ladies they are our heroes and mothers to our daughters and sons. I am not saying all men do this but I am talking to "some" who do it.

Be a caring, patient, understanding, respectful, faithful, trustworthy, and forgiving man. Be a God fearing dude and your relationship or marriage will be admirable by everyone. Think about it and act accordingly. Stand for our lovely sisters, let us show them love.