Completely put their faith in the sun

Sun set Photo
Completely put their faith in the sun

Watching the sunset is a powerful way to build trust. Nature can restore your trust. When the sun sets, you can trust that it will rise again.

This is something that you can actually count on more than the busy lives of other people. We can always rely on the sun to rise and it can become a powerful symbol of trust in life as a result.

Try watching the sunset in the evening and then get up early to watch the sunrise. This simple meditation has profound healing effects and does wonders for the distrustful malaise caused by PTSD and other difficult challenges in life.

By connecting with the sun we restore our trust in the natural order of the world and we discover a reliable friend to accompany us through every day. Each of us always has access to the healing power of the sun and the nature it guides every day. You can always trust the sun.

Completely put their faith in the sun.