Are you in love?

Are you in love
Are you in love?
Love is a beautiful thing. Are you in love? Do you remember the feeling you felt the very first time you fell in love?

That is what the sender of this message is feeling right now.

Read her:

I am a lady in my late twenties. I have fallen in love and gotten heartbroken severally that I was almost giving up on love. Just when I thought I was done with love, this handsome young gentleman shows in my face. He is one of the ushers in the church where I worship now.

I am only a sunday sunday medicine in the church, meaning I only attend on Sundays. I don't attend church service to look for a boyfriend but it just so happened that on this particular day, my eyes caught this guy looking at me with so much love in his eyes.

For a while, we held the gaze because I fell in love with him instantly catching him look at me like that. We were lost in that gaze because we seemed to have forgotten about every other thing around. When I regained myself, I quickly removed my eyes and each time I looked at him again, I would catch him staring at me lovingly. I tried to avoid his gaze but each time I looked through the corners of my eyes, I felt his eyes all over me.

This staring game has continued for over three months now and I don't know what to do. I am dying for this guy to make a move but he seems like the proud guy that is used to girls falling at their beck and call. But me being the proud type myself, I will NEVER make the first move.

The truth is, I'm dying for this guy and I know he feels the same way. Sometimes, I feel like flogging him for not being man enough to make the move. If he could be confident enough to strip me naked with his stares, why can't he come talk to me.

I wonder if we are going to fold our arms and allow this love pass us by. I don't know what to do. Any suggestion or advice for our writer, would be very much appreciated. Thanks.