10 good reasons why I am not yet married

10 good reasons why I am not yet married
10 good reasons why I am not yet married

These are 10 good reasons why I am not yet married:

1. Age: Thank God I am a young man of 32 years old, at least before I reach 40 I will settle down. The bench mark is 40, remember the saying a fool at 40 is a fool forever. I am only 32.

2. Enjoyment: I want to have fun and enjoy myself before I get married because when I get married, my wife will not allow me to have time on all this beautiful creature like Chidinma, Amaka, Cynthia and that girl that pack in newly.

3. House: I need to buy a house in Banana Island, Asokoro, London, Miami and Madrid before I get married, I don’t want disturbance from landlord or tenants.

4. Car: God forbid, I cannot be trekking on road like my uncle chima when I get married, I must buy a car like Bugatti or Ferrari or I manage range rover sport.

5. Girls: I no go carry last me I go flex with Babes, I need to test all this girls before I get married to avoid before making mistake like Emeka, at least I have test all this girls in our neighborhoods none of them is good for marriage. Honestly, I want to marry a VIRGIN.

6. Bank Account: The last time I check my account balance it was N600 and the ATM was issuing only N1000 note, for me, getting rich & wealthy is a MUST, I need to have at least 1 Billion in my bank account and 10 million cash at hand before I start talking of marriage.

7. Friends: I need to change friends, just Imagine Miss world, Obama, Blatter, Putin, Merkel, Hollande, Messi or Ronaldo my friends, I can manage Jonathan, Atiku, Dangote, IBB. I hate these friends Emeka, Nnamdi, Stangley, Charles... they are always broke.

8. Wedding reception: You suppose understand naaaah, that poor guy 2 face did his own for Dubai, me my traditional marriage na for white house, church wedding Saint Peters Basilica Vatican city, reception Heaven, if you are sinner no come, men on suit Angels.

9. Education: very soon I will get admission in Cambridge or Oxford University to study law or medicine. I hate Nigeria universities, they are always on strike and their lecturers are old men. I MUST be a PHD graduate before I get married, if I marry now, I will not have time to enjoy school life, and I also need a graduate like Ngozi okojo Iweala, Allison madueke as wife.

10. Occupation: I want to be a Politician like Obasanjo Victor umeh, Tinubu, Bola Saraki, Buhari or Jonathan before I get married. I don’t want to be a teacher, my father told me that he want me to be. I hate  teachers because they are POOR. My teacher use to eat biscuit every afternoon as food.