Tong Xiaoxin - famous Chinese girl - do you like?

Tong Xiaoxin Chinese Photo
Tong Xiaoxin Chinese Photo

This is Tong Xiaoxin - a Chinese girl who very many young people in China prefer and love. How do you feel about her? Do you like this girl?

And a question for you: What are you thinking about this girl while you see the picture?

1. She is beautiful, rare beauty
2. She is beautiful like other beautiful girls
3. No, just is average beauty
4. She is very sexy
5. She was dressed too discreet
6. I don't like this girl
7. Other

Where do you see first? 

A. I see her hair first
B. I see her face first
C. I looked at her neck first
D. I looked at her chain first
E. I see her eyes

You could comment with the different options

Biography of Tong Xiaoxin

Who is Tong Xiaoxin? Tong Xiaoxin are  Hani ethnic, one of the 56 ethnic groups in China. Hani people live mainly in Yunnan, where the headwaters of the Red River and Mekong River. She was living in Honghe City - an Autonomous Prefecture in Kunming, Yunnan, China.

Tong Xiao Xin (童小芯) is a blogger girl from China who is called as a Chinese hotgirl. She is from a tribe of Yunnan and she is famously  known as the tea girl (奶茶妹).

Name: Tong Xiaoxin 童小芯
Date of Birth: 13th November
Place of Birth: Yunnan, China

Here are the Photo collection of Tong Xiao Xin