Partying and dancing images of the sexshow girls in Pattaya

Note, this article is for those who are over 18 years old. These are the scenes of debauched playboy girls in Pattaya.

When you travel to Pattaya - a city of sex tourism in the south of Thailand, you can be strayed into a paradise, where vibrant and no less attractive than locations in the Las Vegas partying - America.

In the some bars or nightclubs, there are so many young Thai girls. They come from many villages in Thailand.

Most of girls are just 18-26 years old. There are some girls also around 28-30 years old, but these girls usually love to job and may look pretty of the body and then they will be the owner of the nightclub agreed to stay to work.

Sex show girl Thailand
The facade of a dancing club in Pattaya
Not only sex show performances right on center stage, in some hotels in Pattaya with swimming pool, hot spa pool, the girls may be willing to shower with tourists.

They can have fun in the pool with you. You also easy to hug a girl on your arm and have ​​the gesture seems a little excessive and these girls have been accepted.

At the bar or nightclubs, the dancer and you can drink liquor late into the night together. They will serve you their best.

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These are unique and rare photographs of the dancers and bar girls in Pattaya:

Sex show girl Thailand
A bar girl is performing swimming ability
Sex show girl Thailand

Sex show girl Thailand
The girls are waiting for the guests in the hotel pool
Sex show girl Thailand

Sex show girl Thailand
In the pool, the girls and tourists
The scene has taken place publicly in the front desk in nightclub
Only in Pattaya
Some sensitive photos and other repugnant, we can not post on here, hope you understanding.

Sex show girl Thailand

Although many people believe that what is happening in Pattaya at night, it as partying decadent, lecherous scene... however, the Thai people see this as an advantage to attract foreign tourists. And so, for many years, Pattaya and Phuket was known as "the capital of sex" in Thailand.

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