P1 - The Photos of dandelion flowers

Dandelion is a wild flower, there are many in temperate climates. This is the flower of so many young people love and are known for meaningful prophecy for love. The flower have a of the domestic beauty, casual but also very charming, glamorous ...

dandelion flowers 3
The dandelion flowers
Scientific name: Taraxacum offcinal Wig (Taraxacum dens-Leonis Desf).
Of the genus Chrysanthemum (Compositae). Read more: The meaning of dandelion flowers

These are clusters of dandelion flowers: Please view more part 2

dandelion flowers

When dissolved, each petal in the wind blowing skyward, looks like white cotton fibers

dandelion flowers

Only after 2-3 days, all the flower petals fly away, leaving only the inert pistil

dandelion flowers photo 3