Meet a sex show girl in Thailand

Note: This article strictly prohibited those under 18+

When to Patong beach - Phuket, Thailand, we invite each night beach walk. By chance, we were met a girl. She says her name is Saithoong. Perhaps, this is what her stage name. I think so.

And she openly said she's just a pole dancing girl, prostitutes and sex show girl in one bar.

Name bar where she worked as SOI. And we followed her to that bar. SOI bar is a famous sex show bar in Thailand.

When in SOI bar, Saithoong showed her exactly is a dancer, pole dancing really. And this is all what we have seen firsthand, photographed in SOI bar:

Before she took her shirt off and dance.

Then remove all the stuff on her body.

And not alone Saithoong, but also a lot of other girls also participate in pole dancing and undressing.

There are many young girls performance sex show. All of them are Thai girls. This is really perverted scenes in Thailand.

After dancing hot sex show, many girls also posed for pictures with tourists. This is behind the scenes of the sex show performances:

Phuket nightlife is no less Las Vegas in the United States. But there is one thing you should note, this debauched place is just to entertain for foreign tourists, but prohibited absolutely for people in Thailand.

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