Ngoc Trinh - hottest girl Vietnam now

She is not a singer, nor is it a film actor, television actor even did not.

However, she has become well-known, all young people expressed an interest in Vietnam, admired for its natural beauty, skin white as snow, and a standards body.

Recently, she was suddenly more famous thanks to expose hot photo scandal.

These are photos of her. You can leave your comments about her. According to you, she is pretty? Do you like a girl how is body?

Hot Girls in Vietnam

Hot Girls in Vietnam

However, now she is becoming a model of the famous car manufacturer in Vietnam.

Vietnam's press called her "lingerie queen" and now, this nickname became her name.

Ngoc Trinh is doing a nude photo collection at the resort of Nha Trang in the central region of Vietnam.

And here are photos of Ngoc Trinh when she was 17 years old
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