The symptoms of cerebral vascular accident

What is cerebral vascular accident? What of the symptoms of cerebral vascular accident are? How to prevent a stroke on the brain? And here are the consequences of cerebral vascular accident...

Currently, there are many people with cerebral vascular accident.

Cerebral vascular accident have 2 types: One is the blockage of blood vessels of the brain (cerebral infarction). Second, cerebrovascular broken (also called brain hemorrhage). Both are very dangerous and can easily lead to death or disability sequelae.

However, if detected early, early diagnosis and prompt treatment will reduce mortality and increase the likelihood of rehabilitation for people with cerebral vascular accident.

The symptoms of cerebral vascular accident
The symptoms of cerebral vascular accident

So what are the causes of cerebral vascular accident and who are the person vulnerable to cerebrovascular accident?

As below, we present to you some information, hope useful for you:

People are at high risk for cerebral vascular accident

- Although cerebral vascular accident usually occurs in the elderly but also still occur in young people. However, the disease usually occurs in the elderly.

- The weather changes is that cause cerebral vascular accident. The following people need special care in cold weather conditions to avoid cerebral vascular accident:

+ People who have chronic diseases such as ischemic heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis disease, chronic respiratory disease.

+ Persons with chronic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, rheumatoid diseases, addictions (alcohol, tobacco), mental illness, asthma, respiratory distress, are using these drugs cause sleep, the psychotropic medications …

+ The elderly with cognitive disorders.

+ People susceptible to cold, mostly elderly. The cold feeling is different with each ages, due to physical conditions, due to psychological factors …

In particular, cerebral vascular accident more likely to happen in people with cardiovascular disease, respiratory.


- As mentioned above, the elderly are often very sensitive to the weather, while the weak resistance. During cold weather, elderly people should avoid going out in the evening, especially when windy.

- Eat foods hot and keep warm. Especially not to be cold, should not bathing while in draughty.

- When the cold weather, elderly people should not exercise outdoors. If exercising outdoors, need to wear warm clothes.

Signs and symptoms of cerebral vascular accident

To proactively diagnose and prevent cerebral vascular accident, you need to understand about the warning signs of stroke for timely treatment. The rate of complications decreases if discovered disease duration shorter.

What is the symptoms of cerebral vascular accident?

Severe headache, sudden. This is a common symptom in most patients.
  1. Suddenly dizzy, tinnitus, dizziness. One leg is really weak, unsteady
  2. Suddenly, a hand not holding the objects firmly, easy to fall spoons, cups, bowls and utensils when handling. Pick up the items to fall hard way.
  3. Suddenly language disorders : speech impairment, slurred speech, people do not understand what the patient says. This symptom may occur in only a few minutes, but can last all day before serious complications occur. In the heavy – as happened cerebral vascular accident- patients are no longer able to speak .
  4. Suddenly the patient feels like needles, ant bite finger, toe, an upper body.
In addition, there are other symptoms – another expression as:
  1. The patient suddenly disoriented for a few minutes, a few hours. Transient forget, transient hearing loss, disorientation of time and space.
  2. Suddenly, felt as if flies fly ahead, loss of vision all or only a side of eye for a moment.
    You need to remember, because this disease is critical, so the time appears warning signs above until disaster actually occurs – with the expression comatose or semi-paralyzed body may be only 1-2 hours or 1-2 days, depending on each person.

    When your family's members have symptoms like above, you need to actively take them to the doctors promptly for treatment and recovery.

    Well then, what are the causes of cerebral vascular accident? How does it happen? Read more all information about health care for the elderly. Related: How to prevent cerebral vascular accident